Whether she will recognize me I am not sure. What is reported by journalists rapidly acquires the status of truth, Look at all of the time I've wasted in my life obsessing about my weight and what to eat or, I wondered how many of them had been granted, and momentarily debated, It is essential that you take the time to really consider, The truth is, whatever happens in the Tampa case alone won't make a scrap of difference to, It shows how narrow economic modelling is, for starters, let alone, As always with the year drawing to a close I am debating, Obviously, we banked the money because we didn't know. In fact, it’s one of those relatively rare English words that come to us directly from Old English instead of as a borrowing from French, Latin, Greek or some other language. CK 1 1092277 Tom will go whether Mary does or not. And you wonder whether this column is a valuable investment tool! [ clause + or not] The problem is whether/*if we have a car. CK 1 1029628 Tom asked Mary whether she liked him. A Microsoft program.-but-An MS-DOS program. See whether the circulate of the subtrahend is greater than that of the minuend or not. but you do need it in your original sentence: (4) When "whether" starts a clause that is the sentence subject or complement. That is what the entire case turns on, is it not, At the hearing of his case, if the defendant is in attendance he shall be invited to indicate, As with every von trier film, there will be a zillion think pieces on, Leave was granted for the bringing of this motion by Justice Cullity and it is for me to decide, Republicans are having a vigorous debate about. The problem is whether my parents will agree or not. Note that, even though the phrase is split in two by the verb phrase, its meaning does not change. In some ways perhaps, but make that point to anyone who has been unfortunate enough to be involved in a road accident, She was asking me about one of the computer systems we use at work, and, At any rate, these in-house disagreements between friends of social insurance are small potatoes compared to the epic struggle over, Staring at her for a few moments he tried to decide, Rogue rancher Cliven Bundy recently shared his thoughts on African Americans and, Now, when her friends and parents incessantly inquire as to, In the present study, we have addressed the question, We want to feel we are living fully, and even though we may be very sane and stable, we have doubts about, Learning how to hang a window is a project that depends on a number of factors, including, The single issue, one-off parish poll was conducted 14 months ago, but ever since then a question mark has hung over, Can anyone get more obscure than biologists and paleontologists, who reflect for thirteen syllables on. I'll love you whether you win or lose. With whether we can use 'or not' immediately after whether, or at the end of the sentence. I'm going whether you like it or not. Some financial decisions, such as planning a pension, need … There are 50 example sentences for whether or not, and this page shows no. If you aren’t sure whether you will go to the beach, that means you might go or you might stay home. Rather, it is making them wet in any case. Is it a or an? I'll love you whether you win or lose. 40. How to use whether in a sentence. Below, you will see a regular yes/no question, followed by a related sentence that includes a noun clause. There are two ways we can do this: I am wondering [whether or not I should sell my stock position] I am wondering [whether I should sell my stock position or not] In the first example, we see the words or not appearing after the word whether. 21 to no. Out of the two words, whether is the most common. - English Grammar Today - una guida di riferimento alla grammatica e all'uso dell'inglese parlato e scritto - Cambridge Dictionary 2. “I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to eat a cheeseburger or not.”, “Whether I was going to the movies or not, I probably needed to put on clothes.”. We can't decide on whether to order pizza or Chinese food. " From the literature i Whether can be followed by ‘or not’. Instead, we’re looking at the phrase “whether or not.”. If is not possible in this case. Often we say, WHETHER OR NOT to signal that one might choose one thing or the other. Whether has a long history, with some versions of the word showing up in writing as early as 1100 years ago. Later on, I'd look the book up online and see what sort of reviews it received, and then decide, A pathologist will examine the prostate sample under a microscope and check, I would recommend looking at what ready-made stencils there are before deciding, The testosterone response of male mammals given naloxone predicts, I capped the pen and put it down, considering. CK 1 2712807 It's doubtful whether Tom will come. However, it can also occur twice, in front of the first and second options. The wounded, whether in arms or not in arms, shall be massacred. It's difficult to see whether or not in a sentence. (Or, if you prefer, whether or not it had a gravy stain. : I wonder whether amari are all they're cracked up to be in terms of eupepsia. But I don't have a realistic alternative. Some examples might include “regardless” itself, the phrase “it didn’t matter,” or other similar words or phrases. But analysts questioned whether or not Cantalupo was the right choice. If or whether ? From what I got from your question, I think you want to search whether all the words in your list is present in a sentence or not. Learn How To Use Whether or Not In A Sentence | The Usage Of Whether or Not, how to use whether or not in a sentence, use of whether in english, use of whether versus if, use of whether … Examples of about whether in a sentence: 1. The question for you is whether or not consumers were overcharged. whether example sentences. The meaning of both sentences is exactly the same. When you see this word used to connect a clause to another, you can think of it as saying “What follows is one possible option.”, When it’s used by itself, “whether” is similar in practice to the word “if.”, “I wasn’t sure whether it would rain, so I took my umbrella.”. And to help me, I have this excellent infographic prepared by the team at Grammar.net that clearly shows how to use 'whether' and 'if' correctly. Use " whether " when you are showing there are two possible outcomes. Call Squiggly whether or not you are going to arrive on Friday means Aardvark needs to call either way. Here is an example of whether in its most common phrase—whether or not. Should patients have a choice to base their decision on whether or notto take a drug by weighing the risks against the benefits? You will never be able to know for a certainty, however, The only useful use of Galileo is to make certain. If. Out of the two words, whether is the most common. The current basis for determining whether or not a person is mentally handicapped is the IQ test. It’s time for retailers to help people find products in their precise moment of need — and perhaps before they even perceive that need — whether or not they’re logged in or ready to click a “buy” button on a screen. Remember as well that, as a conjunction, “whether or not” needs to come at the end of the first clause in a sentence. There are 50 example sentences for whether or not, and this page shows no. By Garner's reasoning, you don't need or not in this sentence: You can decide whether to go once you've finished your homework. whether ... or synonyms, whether ... or pronunciation, whether ... or translation, English dictionary definition of whether ... or. : I wonder whether amari are all they're cracked up to be in terms of eupepsia. 33+1 sentence examples: 1. There was a big argument about whether she should resign. Simply put, the phrase typically means that something either will or will not happen. The whether list of example sentences with whether. High quality example sentences with “whether or not to proceed” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English Hey fellow Linguaholics! Today’s topic is not about rain versus sun (that’s the “weather”) and it doesn’t involve rope, either (that’s a “knot”). In this case, the patterns are as follows: Whether [verb phrase] or not, [main clause]. Here, the word “whether” shows that the rain is a possible option, not a certain thing. Some lessons are difficult. That is, they are currently being produced to sell to outsiders, In all but one case, permits did not specify, Towards the end of my little encounter with Sophie Ward we argue about, It is still treason to bear arms for the Queen's enemies, They are at the center of a furious debate over, In the chaos of evacuation, the question of, It was July of 2010, and my biggest worry at the time was, According to Variety, casting was delayed by the question of, He stood behind an elderly man who was arguing over, The world should have a clearer idea after December 21, when the court decides. One very common way of using “whether” is as part of the phrase “whether or not.”. Yes, you have used the phrase correctly. Clad in red robes, the soldiers look like a river of blood no matter where they go, Somehow you are always semiconscious of the possibility of showing your knickers, and keeping your knees together and, Oberlander will also explain that people are highly sensitive to subliminal signals about personality, regardless of, The crew wear parachutes and surviving vehicle breakup would then be a matter of chance as to, He refused, and under pressure announced a Mickey Mouse substitute which gives NT police the discretion. Arabs tend to be very actively attuned and responsive to their riders. Wether means a castrated buck goat when used as a noun. An example is given below. (That's a sentence that can only take place once a specific action has occurred.) use "whether" in a sentence. 2. So, I thought I would clarify the misunderstanding in this post. - gramática inglés y uso de palabras en "English Grammar Today" - Cambridge University Press Others may … How to use whether in a sentence. Sometimes people use it in front of only the first possibility. Although in most cases “whether or not” will mean “this will happen or it won’t,” sometimes it can also mean “regardless of the two options.”. I can’t decide whether to go on a diet or not. CK 1 1092277 Tom will go whether Mary does or not. 2. use "whether" in a sentence Computers are certainly playing an important role in our life, whether we like it or not. For example: Whether he goes or not. i don't know whether he will come by train or by car. 15. Upon application of either or both of the parties, provided the employees be not less than twenty, this board is required to inquire into the cause of the dispute, with the aid of two expert assistants, who shall be nominated by the parties, and to render a decision, which is binding for at least six months upon the parties to the application. I don't know whether /*if or not we are going. Ye'll plaze yerself about whether ye come on wid us or whether ye shtop. Specifically, the relationship showed by “whether” is one of choice or alternatives. If Colin wins his case, I feel it will be a hollow victory for him, A national database charts more than 28 million UK addresses which can identify, This leaves the umpire in a position of judgment as to, They saw their only task as being to determine, Forum director Fleur Knopperts said she had yet to decide, In bodybuilding competition, lower lats are valued, but, The largest determination of how many runs are likely to be scored in an inning is, It keeps me informed about many of the latest advances in medicine, but I had to think for a moment about, I also talked to Shawn about minor annoyances, and, In Caribbean Poker you place an ante, receive a hand, and then decide, If the relationship is allowed to develop, your friend will most likely find out soon enough. Formally, "if" and "whether" are used in very specific examples, and give sentences different meanings.Whether vs. [ clause + or not] The problem is whether/*if we have a car. Which is not to say people never use that extended form - but it does sometimes attract criticism. 3. Whether or if - that is the question. On the other, it means there are specific words you can look for elsewhere in the sentence, which may make the process easier. In casual conversation, people often add “or not” onto the end of the word “whether,” so that you will regularly hear the phrase “whether or not.”, The meaning is essentially unchanged, however, regardless of whether someone writes or says just “whether” or the fuller “whether or not.”, In short, you can think of this phrase as meaning a discussion of if something “will or will not” happen. phrase 'whether or not' is technically the correct usage, but as a language evolves people tend to trim down unnecessary or the obviously understood part. In this case, add a comma after the verb phrase to set it off as an introductory phrase. CK 1 284296 I am doubtful whether he will come. Whether definition: You use whether when you are talking about a choice or doubt between two or more... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples 31 to no. So, whether or nothe wanted or needed the money is not actually the complete answer to the question, I ween. “My mother asked whether or not I had done my homework.”, “It was so rainy outside that the weather announcer wondered whether or not fish were swimming across the street.”. It appears about 1,709 times more frequently than wether. (That's a sentence that can only take place once a specific action has occurred.) After the word whether, the words or not are necessary in some cases, but optional in … ("Whether you sink or swim" is the subject of this sentence.) 3. He found that students would achieve similar grades, I like to play the solitaire game that ships with Windows, but I wish it would tell me, My partner and I use VMWare, and we're already debating, One further area which is necessary to analyse is. Charlie didn't know if Alice was going away for the weekend. See whether the circulate of the subtrahend is greater than that of the minuend or not. On the one hand, that means you have to look elsewhere to fully figure out the meaning of “whether or not.”. CK 1 2948216 I wonder whether you understand. Likewise, in the second, the rain is not presenting the person with options. Whether or not we're successful, we can be sure that we did our best. Note that despite the slightly different meaning, “whether or not” is still formed in one of the two ways described above. Whether you sink or swim is not my concern. Consider again that “whether” is similar in meaning to “if.” Based on that, you can think of “whether or not” as a synonym for the phrase “if something will or if it will not.”, The phrase requires some sort of verb phrase to be used correctly, which may be placed at the end of the phrase or after the word “whether.”. Examples of not whether in a sentence: 1. CK 1 1454598 I can't decide whether to go or not. used to introduce the first of two or more alternative conditions: I haven’t decided whether to go or stay. Example sentences with the word whether. Whether we go to the party or to the cinema makes no difference to me. Whether…or… can be used as a double conjunction. Next: Whether Versus Whether or Not … One way to place “whether or not” in a sentence is in front of the verb phrase it modifies. Some examples will make this more clear. Noun/ I/ We/ He etc. (4) When "whether" starts a clause that is the sentence subject or complement. NOTE: We don't use "if" noun clauses as the subject of a sentence because they are confusing - they sound like conditionals! Whether in slings or not, a careful watch should be kept upon the sound limb. Define whether ... or. (Conditional) I don’t know whether Jesica will come … Wether means a castrated buck goat when used as a noun. These two little words can cause a lot of confusion to both learners and fluent speakers of English in both spoken and written English. 16. We use whether and not if before a to -infinitive, often when we’re referring to future plans or decisions: I was wondering whether to go for a swim. That could all hinge on whether or not we find water. You could imagine her doing almost anything, I remember at the first conference that there was a minor stooshie regarding. When whether begins a clause which is the subject of a sentence. i don't know whether he will come by train or by car. For example: Whether he goes or not. And having an unwanted man charge under your dress is just plain scary, Once, however, she realized that she could choose for herself. I am the proud owner of linguaholic.com. For example; I will go to the cinema whether Jesica comes with me or not. (5) In formal writing. You are going to school whether you like it or not. " 14. A hilton is the codeword for a celebrity, or anyone famous, A case tribunal which adjudicates on any matter must decide, Then things at work started to go kablooey and I got to choose, I remember hearing my parents talk about how much better life would be when their ship came in, but I never knew, The first stage is for the clinician to decide, There is only one approved, working test that can detect, Police are often given great leeway in determining, It's here where Oldham's audience is forced to decide, The length of the cycle is variable and determined by time of year, nutritional status, and other factors including, The terms of the letter are in my view at best equivocal as to, And so we get policies where parents are given no discretion over, Other species cannot provide information about mental processes during sleep, so controversy surrounds the question of, Although there is a student survey planned, it will only assess, It's likely that Sun beat out IBM for the win, but Ken O'Berry, product line manager for Access Manager at Sun, declined to say. Whether or not the experiment succeeded ... is not known. For the most part, what determines this usage is going to be a word before the phrase that shows some kind of finality. ("Whether you sink or swim" is the complement of the verb "to care.") So, to answer our opening question about URLs, it should be a URL since URL is normally pronounced U-R-L. Summary. I care not whether it is voted down or voted up. 8. © Linguaholic 2020 | Iseli International Commerce | Privacy Policy | Contact | About Us, How to use the phrase “whether or not” in a sentence, “Whether or not” surrounding a verb phrase, Comma before a Gerund: The Definitive Guide, Question Marks in Japanese: Here's What You Need to Know.