The Dark Lord also provided his apprentice with a holodroid named PROXY. Because his pride had been hurt by Vader's order to follow up the Hoth lead, Ozzel decided for himself that sudden surprise was the best tactic,[88] despite even having the coverage of the nearby Hoth asteroid field at his advantage. "Our girls asked to take a trip with friends," Cruz said. [33] The Executor was sent to the far side of Bespin as the Millennium Falcon finally touched down. "[183], The year 1996 saw the start of Star Wars canon's first movements toward changing the Executor's length from the eight-kilometer figure to something more reflecting of the evidence seen in the films. [75] Vader's reassignment included relinquishing command of his flagship,[73] the Imperial I-class Star Destroyer[16] Devastator, to the upstart Colonel Kell Bircher. The Emperor orders Jerjerrod to capture Skywalker without alerting Vader. [20] However, the comics The Power Gem and Doom Mission, the primary sources of the Executor-power gem story arc, clearly identify the Rebels as obtaining one power gem for the attack on the Executor, the last known of its kind in the galaxy. A fleet of Imperial-class Star Destroyers patrolled Fondor, ordered to destroy any unauthorized civilian craft attempting to gain access to the shipyards. Throughout the 20th century, air defence was one of the fastest-evolving areas of military technology, responding to the evolution of aircraft and exploiting various enabling technologies, particularly radar, guided missiles and computing (initially electromechanical analogue computing from the 1930s on, as with equipment described below). Vader ordered the probe droids launched as soon as programmed and for the bounty hunters to be briefed, for he sensed his search was coming to an end. [67] While the Executor's crew represented the cream of the Imperial Navy, the risk of serving under Vader offset that honor,[20] and those ensnared in the Executor's prestigious yet deadly promotion race competed reluctantly. This implied that the Executor's new canonical length was at least 12.8 kilometers. However, in the Executor level, the player pilots the Millennium Falcon down a trench in the Executor's superstructure, not unlike the Death Star trench run from A New Hope, while destroying TIE fighters and avoiding horizontal laser traps. Operators simply fed the guns and selected the targets. Thrawn, whose own local forces had been spread too thin to respond, first turned to the Emperor to request a minimum of six Star Destroyers to crush the Nuso Esva threat, but the Emperor instead suggested he appeal to Vader for the military support he required. [15] Xizor's death crippled Black Sun, throwing the criminal organization into a fragmented internal power struggle from which it would never fully recover.[133][134]. [54][89], Solo spent several hours in the Executor's brig before Ozzel summoned him to the bridge to interrogate him personally concerning his involvement with the traitorous Sodarra. The Rapier missile system was the primary GBAD system, used by both British artillery and RAF regiment, a few brand-new FIM-92 Stinger were used by British special forces. [46] Thus, Piett was caught completely off-guard by the Rebels' tactic of attacking the Executor at point-blank range. They also reasoned that if they met the Empire's expectations, they might very well be able to steal future lucrative military contracts from their Kuat competitors. AAA battalions were also used to help suppress ground targets. Although she couldn't fathom what might have drawn Vader all the way out to Kintoni, Jade copied the Executor sensor recording from the comm nexus and fed it into the garrison's main sensor feed, which duped the Rebel forces present into believing a Super Star Destroyer had descended upon the planet. Non-English terms for air defence include the German FlaK (FliegerabwehrKanone, "aircraft defence cannon",[4] also cited as Flugabwehrkanone), whence English flak, and the Russian term Protivovozdushnaya oborona (Cyrillic: Противовозду́шная оборо́на), a literal translation of "anti-air defence", abbreviated as PVO. Should the reader instead choose to attack the guard in front, Solo is neutralized and cannot escape, ending the adventure. [141] From the Executor's bridge, a constant stream of codes, orders, and diagrams were transmitted and received between the ships moving through the construction site, and the process ran with maximum efficiency. For a time, with the search for Skywalker on hold, the Executor returned with Vader to Coruscant, where, in 3.5 ABY, tensions between Vader and Prince Xizor of the Black Sun crime syndicate came to a head. [32] Afterward, Vader reassigned Veers to his flagship and arranged his promotion to general, placing him in command of the Executor's ground forces.[103]. Vader also introduced his plan to use Boba Fett to bring in Skywalker, which likewise intrigued the Emperor. Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm. [15], On the other side of Coruscant, the Executor and a giant flotilla of warships[22] prevailed upon a battle between Xizor's navy of StarVipers and X-wing starfighters of the Rebellion's Rogue Squadron. For shorter-range work, a lighter weapon with a higher rate of fire is required, to increase a hit probability on a fast airborne target. A week after Vader's meeting with the Emperor, the Executor exited hyperspace in the Lybeya system. "[198] In December 2001, the Star Wars Roleplaying Game statistics book Starships of the Galaxy repeated the description from 1998, stating the Executor was "over eight times the length of an Imperial-class Star Destroyer," but on the very next page identified the ship as being "8,000 meters" in length. [15] Okins positioned the Star Destroyers in a triangular attack formation, with the Avenger at the point position and the Super Star Destroyer occupying the rear, flanked by the Victory Destroyers. [68] Before reaching Fondor, Vader rendezvoused with the group of Imperial admirals, including Amise Griff, to dictate his decided war policy against the Rebellion. The Empire had kept a close watch on the water world Iskalon itself for signs of Rebel activity, where the Rebel spy Tay Vanis had previously fomented such rebellion, and who had also acquired a set of plans to the new Death Star project in addition to those the Emperor had allowed the Rebellion to have. [22] The Executor and Death Squadron would be departing for the Outer Rim in a month following the ceremony to begin their search of the Rebellion, according to the report. The US started an upgrade of their defences using the Nike Ajax missile, and soon the larger anti-aircraft guns disappeared. [54] Other droid types aboard the Executor included maintenance droids,[2] courier droids,[82] service droids,[53] MSE-series mouse droids,[37] giant mouse droids,[33] and labor droids, many of which assisted the crew in Engineering. "[62] However, The Essential Atlas, released in August 2009, confirms that the Scarl system is located just parsecs from Fondor, which is in turn located in the Colonies region, a considerable distance from the Outer Rim. Until this time the British, at RAF insistence, continued their use of World War I machine guns, and introduced twin MG mountings for AAAD. After leaving the Executor, Fett placed his ship, the Slave I, near the Avenger's waste chutes and watched expectantly as Solo detached the Millennium Falcon from the Star Destroyer and silently drifted away in the Avenger's garbage.[17]. Likewise, by simultaneously attempting to assassinate the governor and pinning it on the Rebels, Nuso Esva attracted to Poln a sizable Imperial presence—Thrawn, specifically, his nemesis—which he planned to destroy. On Vader's command, the Executor captured the freighter and brought it aboard via tractor beam.[34]. The system had to be redesigned for both the English measurement system and mass production, as the original documents recommended hand filing and drilling to shape. Buy & Sell In-Game Items, Game Accounts, Game Coaching, Game skins, Gift cards securely with ease. The most extreme case was the Soviet Union, and this model may still be followed in some countries: it was a separate service, on a par with the army, navy, or air force. Cost The gun became so important to the British war effort that they even produced a movie, The Gun, that encouraged workers on the assembly line to work harder. [171], To create the Tydirium-Executor scene from Return of the Jedi, numerous elements were combined to create a seamless illusion. TIE Fighters herd the Millennium Falcon toward the waiting Executor in orbit over Bespin. Firstly, it and the steel cable were a danger to any aircraft that tried to fly among them. Chichester: Wiley. Navigation system [39], Much of the operation of the Executor rested on the shoulders of the Super Star Destroyer's captain. Through the cybernetic link, Vader could reach out with the Force using the probe as a vicarious means of interrogating whomever had decided to investigate into revealing the location of the Rebel base.[106]. [52] In 1939 radio controlled drones became available to actually test existing systems in British and American service. This TC-series droid was on hand alongside Lieutenant Ein Truminn during the arrival of a group of bounty hunters who were revealed to be Rebel agents. Still, Vader's hunt had begun anew. [136], During the Shelkonwa situation of 0.5 ABY, a crisp-voiced controller was responsible for directing incoming traffic through the Executor's blockade of the planet. [27], The Executor's admiral's constant whining about Griff soon exhausted Vader, and the Dark Lord executed his ship's commander by choking him to death. In 4 ABY, the Executor's relatively short life came to a crashing end above the Forest Moon of Endor. Captain Lorth Needa of the Star Destroyer Avenger believed the Millennium Falcon to have been destroyed respective to the damage Death Squadron had sustained, but Vader insisted they were alive,[33] well aware of the reputation of Solo and the Millennium Falcon. Captain Piett led a squad of spacetroopers in the boarding and capturing of the Millennium Falcon in the Black Widow Nebula in the months preceding 1 ABY. [2] The Executor's shielding system was among the most powerful ever conceived for a warship. "[63], A discrepancy also exists concerning the precise location of the Scarl system, the Executor's original construction site. Pleased with the successful demonstration, Vader approved the project's continuation. Finally, virtually every modern warship will be fitted with small-calibre guns, including a CIWS, which is usually a radar-controlled Gatling gun of between 20mm and 30mm calibre capable of firing several thousand rounds per minute.[80]. [183], The multimedia PC program Star Wars: Behind the Magic, released in the Fall of 1998, was the first source to explicitly provide a length of 12.8 kilometers for the Executor, "12,800 meters," in the Super Star Destroyer's individual database entry. The Executor and two Imperial-class Star Destroyers maintained a deceptively small defensive perimeter around the Death Star's construction site. In the Classic Star Wars comic Darth Vader Strikes, the Executor is shown first without engines, before a set is installed. [52], The Executor boasted a droid pool[53] of 10,000. The Imperial Sourcebook also identified the Executor as "the largest warship ever constructed" and provided an "Imperial Capital Ship Recognition Guide," which showed a detailed, to-scale comparison of numerous Imperial warships in relation to a Super Star Destroyer. [19], By 1913 only France and Germany had developed field guns suitable for engaging balloons and aircraft and addressed issues of military organisation. Placed in quadruple mounts with a 500 rpm rate of fire it would have fit the requirements. The Imperial Handbook included an image of the still-under-construction Executor. [64], Vader took the three imprisoned senators to the Horuz system, the construction site of the incomplete first Death Star, where the Emperor could execute his enemies personally. In the 1982 Falklands War, the Argentine armed forces deployed the newest west European weapons including the Oerlikon GDF-002 35 mm twin cannon and SAM Roland. [51], Before the Executor had departed the Anoat system previously, IG-88B hacked into the Executor's central computer core while still aboard, bypassing ship security with the assistance of several on-board Imperial droids who had received special sentience programming as part of their inclusion in IG-88A's Droid Revolution. In a final confrontation with Vader and the Emperor, the apprentice died but liberated his allies nevertheless, freeing them to continue their rebellion. [52], The team tracked the four labor droids, their primary suspects, to the Executor's droid pool, where they found them scheduled to undergo a memory wipe. [17] The bounty hunters' involvement sent a public message to Vader's officers that they had failed in their assigned duties. The army was forbidden from considering anything larger than .50-inch. Arkanoid. Using the detailed information Skywalker collected during his spy mission of the uncompleted Executor at Fondor, Dodonna and the Rebellion previously discovered several possible exploitable weaknesses in the Super Star Destroyer. The Browning 37 mm proved prone to jamming, and was eventually replaced in AA units by the Bofors 40 mm. Areas can vary widely in size. Several free-traders reported being apprehended by and interrogated aboard patrolling Imperial Star Destroyers after traveling lesser-known hyperlanes and thereby being suspected of working for the Rebellion. When reports of the Rebel base were confirmed, the Emperor ordered Vader to take part of the Imperial Fleet there to crush the facility. Vader himself chose a team of six of his flagship's crew members to investigate the crime: Zurel Hoban, a bridge pilot; Noa Endac, a security crewman; Lilit Arranda, a medic; Iaco Shild, a droid technician; Ariq Melvar; and Anya Foravis, an intelligence analyst assistant. In truth, Vader's suspicions of Xizor proved profoundly correct. In 3 ABY, the Executor led the Imperial victory at the Battle of Hoth, but due to the tactical blundering of Ozzel, Skywalker and the Rebellion leadership escaped, and Vader executed Ozzel for his failure. [192] However, Star Wars: Behind the Magic names 30 AT-ATs and 40 AT-STs, unique figures never repeated before or since. [20] This is in direct contradiction to the Classic Star Wars comic Revenge of the Jedi, which places Vader in command of the Executor during this time and Griff away in charge of the Yavin 4 blockade. [183], In December 1984, four-and-a-half years after the release of The Empire Strikes Back, Raymond L. Velasco's A Guide to the Star Wars Universe was the first Star Wars source to provide a hard figure for the Executor, which clearly dominated all other starships seen in the trilogy, naming the Super Star Destroyer to be "approximately five times larger than any Star Destroyer in the Imperial fleet." Designed by starship engineer Lira Wessex as a successor to the original Imperial-class Star Destroyer, the Executor, at a monumental 19,000 meters in length, represented the largest … Larger SAMs may be deployed in fixed launchers, but can be towed/re-deployed at will. [15][22] During the congested battle over Coruscant, the Executor suffered explosions on its dorsal technoscape. Still, he did not voice his disapproval to Vader directly, as Ozzel had done. The Bofors had attracted attention from the US Navy, but none were acquired before 1939. As the Rebels fled from Bespin, the Executor's TIE sentries chased the Millennium Falcon toward the Executor waiting in orbit,[33] as directed.[46]. [25], Later, as the Executor neared completion, Vader reassigned Griff to oversee the Yavin blockade in preparation for Vader to crush the Rebel base on Yavin 4 with the Executor himself. The Rebels hoped to transfer a supercomputer holding the plans to the CR90 corvette Razor waiting in orbit, which would then deliver the computer into safe hands elsewhere. [1], The Executor, under escort by two decidedly smaller Imperial-class Star Destroyers, Following the same recognizable dagger-shaped design of the Imperial-class Star Destroyer, the Executor's superstructure resembled an arrowhead from above. World of Tanks (PC) / World of Warplanes Premium Invite Code Key Giveaway. Piett had escaped his fate where Ozzel had not. The Executor's scanners detected only the five lifeform signatures of the stormtroopers as their Suwantek freighter exited the system, leading Jade to later believe that Organa couldn't have possibly stowed away aboard the ship and that her purported presence on Shelkonwa was just a ruse Vilim Disra fabricated to attract Vader to Shelkonwa to eliminate Choard. Starter responded by using a stolen blaster to fire a shot into the command console of Vader's meditation sphere, forcing it closed, trapping the Dark Lord inside. In addition, some countries choose to put all air defence responsibilities under the air force. The difficulties increased as aircraft performance improved. [51], Even though the Rebels had escaped, Calrissian's abandonment of Cloud City left the facility in the hands of the Empire. But rather than holding up the Rebels, Vader permitted the shuttle through the shield, and he soon departed his flagship for what would prove to be the final time to confront his son himself. In order to ensure Vader's expectations that the elimination of the Mygeeto Rebel presence went smoothly, the Imperial Navy's best pilots transferred to the Executor to participate in the assault. [14], The use of balloons by the U.S. Army during the American Civil War compelled the Confederates to develop methods of combating them. Once more, Vader and the Executor had failed to capture Luke Skywalker, but the Dark Lord vowed that the time would come when he would confront his son. Hull [16], Because the Executor was Vader's flagship, a disproportionate fraction of the Imperial Navy's best young and mid-level officers and crewers manned the Super Star Destroyer. Tired of living in Vader's shadow, Griff jumped at the opportunity to advance his own position after learning the Executor had been disabled in the Feswe Corridor during its maiden voyage en route to Yavin 4. [196] The original wording from The Essential Guide to Vehicles and Vessels, describing the Executor as "over five times the length of a standard Star Destroyer," was repeated verbatim as late as 2001, in accompanying data in Hasbro Inc.'s Star Wars: Power of the Jedi "Darth Vader (Emperor's Wrath)" action figure pack. Vader commanded Seah to detain Skywalker and bring the Rebel immediately to him. [1] Whereas promotion within the ranks of the Imperial Navy was slow and almost always politically-motivated, promotion aboard the Executor instead primarily came by way of attrition through failure and execution. 144 various TIE Series starfighters[5]TIE/LN starfighters[4]TIE/sa bombers[4]TIE/IN interceptors[4]TIE/D Defenders[13]TIE/ad starfighters[14]Darth Vader's TIE Advanced x1[15]200 miscellaneous combat and support ships[7]Gamma-class ATR-6 assault transports[14]Lambda-class T-4a shuttles[4]Y-85 Titan dropships[2]3 prefabricated garrison bases[5][6]Hundreds of heavy walkers[5]All Terrain Armored Transports (30)[7]All Terrain Scout Transports (50)[6][16]All Terrain Personal Transports[6]Various speeder bikes and other ground vehicles[5][6]Supplies for 300,000 individuals[7]50,000 heavy concussion missiles[5] Solo tries to bribe Piett into letting him go but is taken captive aboard the Executor. London: War Office 26|Manuals|2494. Production of the QF 3.7-inch (94 mm) began in 1937; this gun was used on mobile carriages with the field army and transportable guns on fixed mountings for static positions. However, once the finished Star Destroyer model was created and placed in front of the camera, the film's production team was so impressed that additional storyboards were created to accommodate Vader's ship, and the Executor became one of the primary focal points of the film. However, the Millennium Falcon is caught in the tractor beam of the Star Destroyer Avenger before it can escape. 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[69] Skywalker eventually returned to the Rebel base on Yavin 4[70]—the only member of the Alliance team to survive the failed sabotage mission[69]—with a great deal of information on the Executor stored within R2-D2, his own mission largely a success. [26], There also exists a slight discrepancy concerning the Executor's captaincy lineage. [94], At some point prior to the Imperial discovery of the Rebel base on Hoth, a Rebel spy, Malkor Trel, infiltrated the crew of the Executor. [54], Among Vader's crew were several security officers, including Lieutenant Suba, the Executor's chief of security and political officer, who was responsible for ensuring the loyalty of his fellow officers. [13], In approximately 3 ABY, also, a small Rebel force staging from the planetoid Annamar began raiding Imperial convoys along the Corellian Trade Spine. Nevertheless, a pattern had been set: anti-aircraft warfare would employ heavy weapons to attack high-altitude targets and lighter weapons for use when aircraft came to lower altitudes. Both sides also used the Blowpipe missile. Anti-aircraft warfare or counter-air defence is the battlespace response to aerial warfare, defined by NATO as "all measures designed to nullify or reduce the effectiveness of hostile air action". Armament Navigation computer[11] Production information Upon arrival, Vader ordered Captain Holt, on duty aboard the bridge at the time, to ready the Executor's fighters to enter the asteroids in pursuit. Fixed AA defences, using HAA and LAA, were established by the Army in key overseas places, notably Malta, Suez Canal and Singapore. [7] Star Wars technical researcher Curtis Saxton points out in his self-created Star Wars Technical Commentaries that a toy soldier figure with arm raised is located on one of the Executor models' external port-side superstructure, visible here and here. Indeed, the Emperor's allowance of the Death Star plans to fall into Rebel hands previously was coming to fruition, and Skywalker had arrived as planned. [69] Although the belief was that not even Ozzel would be stupid enough to chafe with Vader's orders, he frequently did,[88] and relations between the two soon deteriorated to where Vader relegated Ozzel's position to mere figurehead status to relay orders to the Executor's crew. Missile defence is an extension of air defence, as are initiatives to adapt air defence to the task of intercepting any projectile in flight. Once the transmission's contents reached Vader, he knew he finally had the evidence needed to convict Xizor of conspiring to kill his son. 50,000[17] Immediately afterward, the Executor was assigned to protect the construction site of the incomplete second Death Star in the remote Endor system. The radar systems use electromagnetic waves to identify the range, altitude, direction, or speed of aircraft and weather formations to provide tactical and operational warning and direction, primarily during defensive operations. The Executor was staffed with officers of wealth and prestige, many of whom earned their position via the political connections they had forged along the way. Firmus Piett escaped execution at the hands of Vader. [31], Katarn stowed away aboard the Executor while it traveled through hyperspace and, once the ship reached the Arc Hammer's secret location and began transferring over its cargo allotment, he made his move. Vader took this liberty to call together a fleet of his favored and, indeed, some of the best, Star Destroyers of the Imperial Navy to assist him in his hunt. The Confederates experimented with balloons as well. A dual propose mount it was used in both the surface and AA roles with great success. The United States was still emerging from the effects of the Great Depression and funds for the military had been sparse. The interceptor aircraft (or simply interceptor) is a type of fighter aircraft designed specifically to intercept and destroy enemy aircraft, particularly bombers, usually relying on high speed and altitude capabilities. Angered, Piett ordered Solo's and Chewbacca's arrest. [103] However, while he was in many regards the polar opposite of his predecessor, Ozzel,[157] his arrogance, a breeding trait of Imperial command, would result in his own downfall, much like Ozzel. But after realizing that Jade's target was in fact Choard and not Organa, Vader relaxed, recognized her duty to deal with Choard, and left her with the strict caveat not to get in his way. During the bombing raid, private Radoje Ljutovac fired his cannon at the enemy aircraft and successfully shot one down. [126] Nevertheless, Skywalker became a pariah among the Rebellion after evidence surfaced showing him to have killed a fellow pilot, and he left his comrades to seek answers. The Super Star Destroyer Executor was the personal flagship of the Lord Darth Vader, the premier command ship of the Imperial Navy, and the first of the Executor-class Star Dreadnought line. Moreover, X-Wing Alliance's timeline of the Battle of Endor contradicts that seen in the film. The gun was relegated to smaller less vital ships by the end of the war. [50] While within the chamber, a series of high-bandwidth communications consoles[2] and a large visual display screen[48] allowed Vader to communicate directly with his commanders on the Executor's bridge. [74] Still incensed with Vader over his failure at Yavin, the Emperor relieved Vader of his command of the primary Imperial Fleet and reassigned him to administrative duties at Endor[74] to ensure the Death Star's continuing progress. The first were formally formed in November 1914. Upon sighting the Knight Hammer during the defense of Yavin 4, former Jedi Knight Callista Ming recalled having once studied schematic sketches of the Executor as she considered how to cripple the nearly invulnerable Imperial warship bearing down on her. These guns could be traversed 15 degrees to the left or right of center and elevated from -10 to +60 degrees. Shells of improved ballistic shape with HE fillings and mechanical time fuses. Executor-class Star Dreadnought[2][3] [199] The 2006 article Starship Battles Preview 1 expanded on the 5,000-plus weapon figure by identifying the Executor as boasting 2,000 turbolasers and heavy turbolasers each, to match the updated length of nineteen kilometers. The Super Star Destroyer Executor was the personal flagship of the Lord Darth Vader, the premier command ship of the Imperial Navy, and the first of the Executor-class Star Dreadnought line. [18] However, Ozzel's resentment toward Vader's preferential position in the Imperial Navy as the Emperor's enforcer grew. The command bridge served as the Executor's nerve center, where a permanent team of controllers,[20] flight data officers, tracking systems specialists, and combat supervisors[158] worked alongside high-ranking officers, operating the Super Star Destroyer's navigation, shield, and weapons systems in shifts, perpetually under Vader's withering scrutiny. Although Ozzel joyously remarked to Vader as the two watched on from the Executor's bridge that the end of the Rebellion seemed near if the Rebel Fleet was indeed jumping to their rendezvous point where the Empire awaited them, Vader offered his admiral no such congratulations. [21], The Executor encountered Skywalker and Dodonna in their special power-gem attack ship in the Feswe Corridor, an uninhabited star system filled with densely-packed, tumbling asteroids,[58] the cover of which provided a perfect spot for the Rebel attack. The Imperial Star Destroyers responsible were reportedly elements of Ozzel's Imperial Death Squadron. [110][179] However, the formal name of Vader's flagship was not officially revealed until the June 1980 release of The Empire Strikes Back Official Poster Monthly 2 magazine, which identified the ship as the Executor. But the challenges of faster moving aeroplanes were recognised. [73], The Executor played host to the Emperor's eventual arrival at the Endor construction site. [202], Whereas Luceno did not explicitly provide a hard figure for the updated length of the Executor in Inside the Worlds of Star Trilogy,[199] the young-readers book Star Wars: Star Pilot, published by Dorling Kindersley on April 2, 2005, became the first Star Wars source to do so. He ordered the Executor to proceed head on into the rocky maelstrom in search of the Millennium Falcon. [52], Truminn barely survived the encounter with the Rebels and was taken to the Executor's infirmary to recover. A protect scope in the driver's door provided vision when the tank was under fire. Vader quickly ordered the Executor out of the asteroid field to ensure a clear transmission with his Master. Despite missing his son, Vader had stumbled upon a far more urgent truth during the Kothlis trip—Xizor had been behind an assassination attempt on Skywalker's life. In doing so, Thrawn and his personal pilot, Jorj Car'das, traveled aboard the DeepWater-class light freighter Lost Reef to the Executor, where a deal was struck: Vader would provide the Executor and the fleet where and when Thrawn needed in exchange for Thrawn delivering the Rebellion leadership into Vader's hands. The Imperial measurement production drawings the British had developed were supplied to the Americans who produced their own (unlicensed) copy of the 40 mm at the start of the war, moving to licensed production in mid-1941. Rules of Engagement are critical to prevent air defences engaging friendly or neutral aircraft. Taking on the new identity of the Dark Lady Lumiya, she honed her already considerable Force abilities under Vader's tutelage. From this throne room, the Emperor could take control of the Empire in whole and contemplate the dark side of the Force. Vader had originally tasked this officer with uncovering the identity of the Rebel pilot who destroyed the Death Star, eventually presenting Vader with the realization that it was his own son, Luke Skywalker. However, while the shell was a bit light (well under 2 lbs) it had a good effective ceiling and fired 125 rounds per minute; an AA carriage was developed and it entered service in 1939. Virtually every major country involved in combat in World War 2 invested in aircraft development. In a single instant, Calrissian ordered the Millennium Falcon's crew to open up fire, raking the unarmored interior of the Executor with concussion missiles and the ship's dual quad laser cannons. With still no sign of Griff, Vader ordered the Executor to open fire with all guns on the Rebel Fleet, but the Super Star Destroyer never had the chance. Darth Vader's shuttle approaches the Executor. [43] Recognizing the immense size of the Star Destroyer was largely responsible for its ability to intimidate, Wessex began to design a new warship that would dwarf even the enormous Imperial Star Destroyer. [173], Other TIE series starfighters stationed aboard the Executor included the TIE Fighter EX-4-9, the TIE bomber EX-1-8, both of which participated in the search for the Millennium Falcon in the Hoth asteroid field in 3 ABY,[174][175] and the TIE bomber EX-1-2. [22][37], In preparation for the Rebellion's arrival, the Empire gathered a huge armada[82] of several dozen Imperial-class Star Destroyers at Endor, all under the command of the Executor. Star Dreadnought[2][3] Known simply as the 40 mm, it was adopted by some 17 different nations just before World War II and is still in use today in some applications such as on coastguard frigates. In the field army, a light gun or SHORAD battalion is often assigned to a manoeuvre division. The British pom-poms had only contact-fused ammunition. Later stages of the battle also saw the Executor deploy several of the Empire's new TIE/ad starfighters, or TIE Avengers. [34] Later, another captain would serve under Vader during the Executor's pursuit of Skywalker at Krake's Planet in the aftermath of Vader's Shira Brie-infiltration initiative. The droid pool's facilities could only be accessed by logging into the system's computer network. The Dark Lord ordered the Executor to continue launching probe droids into the expanses of the Outer Rim in search of Skywalker and the Rebellion, hoping another probe might succeed where the one on Verdanth had not. benefit from being mounted on a fleet of vehicles. [22], Around two months after the Battle of Yavin,[73] the Executor was transferred to the remote Endor system, the secret construction site of the second Death Star battlestation. NATO defines anti-aircraft warfare (AAW) as "measures taken to defend a maritime force against attacks by airborne weapons launched from aircraft, ships, submarines and land-based sites". [92], Vader's annoyance with Ozzel began to take shape at that time when the admiral interrupted the Dark Lord's brooding following the Rebel escape to make a report. The Empire held a grandiose unveiling ceremony for the Super Star Destroyer at the Kuat Drive Yards Imperial Transfer Post. [183], Most of the internal Executor shots for The Empire Strikes Back were filmed on two sets[7] designed by Norman Reynolds[181] and constructed at Elstree Studios in England, one for the command bridge and another for Vader's personal meditation chamber. [52], In the adventure's third and final battle encounter, the investigation team confronts Malkor Trel, the Rebel spy and murderer, aboard the Onderian Raptor as he is attempting to make his escape from the Executor. The decisive Battle of Endor was underway. [7], In order to simulate the A-wing starfighter crashing through the Executor's bridge at the end of the film, a flaming automobile was sent through the set. By the time the Executor entered the Endor system—one year since his encounter with Luke Skywalker on Bespin—Vader knew that a final confrontation drew near between himself, his son, and the Emperor, and that one of them would have to die. Initially sensors were optical and acoustic devices developed during World War I and continued into the 1930s,[8] but were quickly superseded by radar, which in turn was supplemented by optronics in the 1980s. Titanium-reinforced alusteel[7] Passengers Believing the sensation to be emanating from none other than his own son, Luke Skywalker, Vader ordered the Executor to reverse its course heading away from Yavin 4 to pursue the Rebel craft, which had disappeared from sight. Most modern systems are usually either self-propelled (i.e. [17] Ozzel was so furious that his opinion had been ignored, he decided to do things his own way, bringing the Executor and the fleet out of hyperspace too close to the planet Hoth, a direct violation of standard operating procedure, such that the Rebels immediately detected the Imperial presence, necessitating a costly ground invasion. During his masquerade, Skywalker befriended Tanith Shire, a woman who had also infiltrated the Executor project in order to steal one of the shipyard's drone barges. 250,000 metric tons[7] While Veers led the Executor's ground forces in the assault against the Rebels' defenses, the Executor and Death Squadron worked to intercept Echo Base's fleeing escape transports. The blunder rendered a direct planetary bombardment impossible. [108] After the Millennium Falcon's escape from Bespin, the Executor's crew witnessed a thoughtful distance in Vader's mannerisms, as the Dark Lord's encounter with his son had rekindled what traces of humanity still existed within him. Shira Brie recovered from her grievous injuries in a secret medical lab aboard the Executor. [18][69] The Executor, which replaced the Star Destroyer Devastator as Vader's flagship,[80] would become the most famous of all the Empire's Star Destroyers,[45] and held the mantle of Imperial Command Ship. Beaten and struggling to breathe, Vader tumbles into a carbon-freezing chamber within the Executor's private chamber and is promptly frozen in a block of carbonite. The Hyperspace feature "Photoreceptor" released a never-before-seen still of this scene, entitled "Warranted Trepidation," seen here. The team was faced with the choice of arresting Trel for his crimes or abandoning the Empire.[52]. The adventure takes place concurrently with the events of the Battle of Hoth as seen in the film Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, in which the players must investigate the murder of one of the Executor's crewmen, eventually discovering that the perpetrator is an undercover Rebel spy. The Predictor AA No 3, as the Kerrison Predictor was officially known, was introduced with it.[42]. [147] All sources dealing with the subject of the Executor's fate describe the ship as having been fully obliterated, including the novel Heir to the Empire, which claims the Executor "[disintegrated] completely in the battle station's massive explosion. Germany introduced the 8.8 cm FlaK 18 in 1933, 36 and 37 models followed with various improvements, but ballistic performance was unchanged. The Executor's security detail quickly became aware of the intrusion, shutting down the cargo transfer, but Katarn muscled his way past three Phase II dark troopers, restarted the cargo transfer, and hid inside a cargo container, before it delivered him aboard the Arc Hammer. Soon enough, the Fey'lya's Pride completed its transfer, and the Razor escaped into hyperspace, out of immediate danger, with the Death Star plans in tow. Air defence had made huge advances, albeit from a very low starting point. The Millennium Falcon evaded the Executor for the moment, but three other Star Destroyers doggedly pursued the freighter toward the fringes of the Hoth system.[55]. The similar Allied smaller-calibre air-defence weapons of the American forces were also quite capable, although they receive little attention. History of the Ministry of Munitions. Accordingly enough, the fleet epitomized typical Imperial overkill and inefficiency, much like the Executor itself. [117], Although Piett's detractors pointed to the Executor's high officer turnover rate as ammunition for his own unfitness for the position,[103] Piett, unlike Ozzel, understood perfectly the Executor's command arrangement, knowing to follow Vader's orders implicitly. Armed with the Imperial shipping schedule for the battlestation's computer core from the information stolen from the Executor, IG-88A decided to upload himself into the Death Star—the ultimate step in his planned conquest of the galaxy. Range and height of the target determined fuse length. The Dark Lord quickly executed Decar, and from orbit the Executor and at least one Imperial-class Star Destroyer responded by storming the planet. [5], However, the term "Super Star Destroyer" was by no means an official label. [citation needed] Facing the threat of Japanese Kamikaze attacks the British and US developed surface-to-air rockets like British Stooge or the American Lark as counter measures, but none of them were ready at the end of the war. Detecting Skywalker's tapping into the Force, Vader immediately ordered the Executor to make for the Rebel Fleet's escape route past the unstable sun. Class Vader often received insights, seemingly from the Force, into his son's whereabouts while in quiet moments of meditation in his hyperbaric chamber. However, Vader spared the man's life, warning that he did not wish to be disturbed.[15]. [156] Vader did not entirely trust any member of the Executor's crew, but he knew the powerful effect of motivation by fear. Starter's friends, however, disregarded his tale as complete fallacy. Executor The Executor supports the Arc Hammer during the Talay massacre, early 1 ABY. Cold has collided with COVID-19 to … He had lost his patience with the Executor's crew, who had failed him time and time again, and so he was pulling out all the stops to capture the Millennium Falcon. [67] The Executor's crew, Piett foremost among them, was outraged that Vader would choose to deal with such unsavory characters,[109] but Vader did not care. So enraged at the loss of the Arc Hammer was the Emperor that he ordered all research into battle droid stormtroopers ceased. In early 1 ABY, the Executor oversaw the destruction of one such installation, the Rebellion's Tak Base on the planet Talay. 4 rangers were killed[81] when their helicopter was shot down by an RPG and SEAL team member Neil C. Roberts fell out his helicopter when it was hit by 2 RPG. He was responsible for the physical safety of Imperial personnel against Rebel sabotage. [17] They included the notorious Boba Fett, the first to board after having beaten the Executor to the Hoth system while responding to an Imperial hyperspace message announcing a reward for any Rebels fleeing from the battle;[114] the already-captured Dengar, to whom Vader extended a reprieve from his death sentence to join the hunt;[55] the assassin droid IG-88B;[82] the Trandoshan Bossk, who berthed his vessel in Docking Bay Six;[53] and the duo of the protocol droid 4-LOM and the Gand Zuckuss. In the re-release, the unidentified Super Star Destroyer was removed from the Imperial fleet Tatooine cut scene, and the Executor model in the non-canon Farlander capture scene was redone to look more like the film version. Seeing the resulting explosion from orbit, Vader quickly instructed the Executor's bosun to track the imminent escaping Rebel vessel, but Skywalker escaped the system aboard the Millennium Falcon. Darth Vader[5] In the middle of a lengthy meditation, Vader received a signal from members of his Noghri honor guard, informing him that they had discovered among Cloud City's lower depths the severed hand and lightsaber lost by Skywalker during his duel with Vader earlier that day. Volume X The Supply of Munitions, Part VI Anti-Aircraft Supplies. [67] Piett regarded the move as a threat to himself, knowing the bounty hunters' involvement symbolized his own failure and the jeopardizing of his life. [17] The Executor, however, threatened to once again steal that dominance away and place it solely in Vader's command. Britain's Royal Navy would soon introduce the QF 3-inch and QF 4-inch AA guns and also had Vickers 1-pounder quick firing "pom-pom"s that could be used in various mountings. Pradeux finished by noting that NewsNet reporters were denied direct contact with Vader's fleet. [52], Interviewing their suspects netted the team little information at first other than Thyte visited Engineering only to research his hobby of building small droids, and, according to Trel, he performed no droid programming whatsoever while on duty—a lie to maintain his cover. "The Bofors gun", 3rd edn. [53] A cavernous cargo storage area allowed for another 250,000 metric tons of material in addition to the Executor's military complement. Nonam was attached to General Rom Mohc, who was aboard the Executor to demonstrate the effectiveness of the Dark Trooper Project to Vader. [58], Starship engineer Lira Wessex, designer of the Executor, Wessex's efforts to improve upon the design of the original Imperial-class Star Destroyer eventually resulted in the conceptualization of an unprecedented nineteen-kilometer-long Super Star Destroyer,[17] the final product of the Sarlacc Project. [192] These figures were perpetuated, despite the Executor's canonical length growing to 12.8 kilometers, until the 2004 release of Inside the Worlds of Star Wars Trilogy, which, in addition to being the first source to provide the Executor a length of approximately nineteen kilometers, updated the Executor's offensive complement to over 5,000 weapon emplacements. In response Krupp's engineers presented a new 88 mm design, the FlaK 36. Technical specifications [25] Whereas the Death Star had previously eclipsed the Imperial Navy as the Emperor's preferred weapon of terror, the battlestation's destruction at Yavin returned the admirals to their original position of prominence. The Death Star unexpectedly opened fire with its superlaser to obliterate the Mon Calamari Star Cruiser Liberty in a single blast, and suddenly the truth dawned upon the Rebels as to the gravity of their situation—the Death Star was in fact operational despite what their intelligence had claimed, and they were caught in its web. Therefore, this article still includes this scene in the canonical history proper. But just as the team arrived, a skirmish broke out in the droid pool—the reprogrammed labor droids went berserk and murdered a couple technicians to prevent anyone from tampering with their mission. After the war most were left to rot. When the war ended, it was clear that the increasing capabilities of aircraft would require better means of acquiring targets and aiming at them. The 1.1"/75 (28 mm) Mark 1 was designed. Production of the Swiss Oerlikon 20mm had already started to provide protection for the British and this was adopted in exchange for the M2 machine guns. Vader offered that Imperial Admiral Ledre Okins handle the expedition in his stead, but the Emperor wanted Vader to personally oversee the operation. In 1939 radio controlled drones became available to the US Navy in quantity allowing a more realistic testing of existing anti-aircraft suites against actual flying and maneuvering targets. The Executor left behind a wake of Rebel destruction en route to Yavin 4. [22] Alliance General Jan Dodonna had no choice but to therefore order a full evacuation of the base despite the Imperial blockade waiting to ensnare the fleeing Rebel transports,[27] but he still held out hope for one last remaining chance of stopping the Executor's approach.[21]. Assumptions that a few small relatively small caliber naval guns could manage to keep enemy aircraft beyond a range where harm might be expected. [144] Furthermore, he and his tacticians discounted the threat of Rebel starfighters during the battle, and he died with the Executor when an A-wing smashed into the Super Star Destroyer's bridge. Vader and the 501st Legion stormed upon the governor's palace and arrested Choard, before taking him aboard the Executor for prisoner transfer to Coruscant. Galactic Empire[1] [147], Circa 4-5 ABY, the former Emperor's Hand Mara Jade, still reeling from the death of the Emperor at Endor, stumbled upon an old sensor recording of the Executor while on the Rebel-held planet Kintoni. Upsetting this development to all-missile systems is the current move to stealth aircraft. Area air defence, typically 'belts' of air defence to provide a barrier, but sometimes an umbrella covering an area. [103] Veers led the elite Blizzard Force in the rout of the Rebellion during the Battle of Hoth in early 3 ABY. Arvel Crynyd's crashing A-wing fighter sparked a chain reaction of explosions that spread throughout the Executor. In the Shadows of the Empire minicomic, the Executor is shown firing on a lush, inhabited planet that is meant to be the Rebel shipyard base in the Vergesso Asteroids. [5] In Russian, the AA systems are called zenitnye (i.e. [27], During the Executor's maiden voyage, command fell on an interim basis to another admiral in Griff's absence. Having successfully slowed the Executor, the Rebellion bought enough time to complete the evacuation of Yavin Base. [33] Suba also assisted the Tanith Sorn murder investigation team by granting them access to the victim's personal quarters. [17] He had heard that the junior officers serving aboard the Executor had become so frightened of him that they drew lots when the time came to deliver messages to him, and that the loser would have to go. Vader led the hunt from the Executor's bridge, running down leads on the planet Jazbina and a number of other scattered worlds. The Alliance was a rebel faction dedicated to the restoration of the Galactic Republic, the government that the Empire had supplanted at the culmination of the Clone Wars in … [61] The 5"/38 naval gun rounded out the US Navy's AA suite. [33] The Dark Lord trusted that his crew was capable of closing this simple trap. The Galactic Civil War, (2 BBY19 ABY) known as the First Galactic Civil War by the year 43 ABY, was a major galactic conflict fought primarily between the Galactic Empire and the Alliance to Restore the Republic. At the same time Henry Howard, an engineer, and businessman became aware of it and contacted RAMD W. R. Furlong Chief of the Bureau of Ordnance. [112], The eight-kilometer length, however, while firmly cemented as Star Wars canon by the year 1995, did not accurately reflect the Executor model seen in the films in relation to the smaller, 1.6-kilometer Imperial-class Star Destroyer. [51][140] The Executor also regrouped with the Star Destroyers of Death Squadron at Endor. Military[5] The Executor captures the smuggling vessel Faithless outside the Annamar asteroid field. The HRF was soon joined by the Height/Fuse Indicator (HFI), this was marked with elevation angles and height lines overlaid with fuse length curves, using the height reported by the HRF operator, the necessary fuse length could be read off. A concentrated assault on the Executor at the climax of the battle brought down the massive Super Star Destroyer's bridge deflector shields, before a wayward A-wing starfighter, piloted by Arvel Crynyd, crashed into the Executor's command bridge. From the horde of applicants who arrived aboard the Executor at the edge of the asteroid field to join the hunt for Han Solo, Vader's personal staff weeded out all but a motley group of six elite hunters. Instantly, Vader ordered a commander to change the Executor's course for the Dagobah system. At the Emperor's direct order, according to the story, Vader had Starter brought to his chambers in an attempt to personally extract the location of the stolen data from him with the dark side of the Force. While living aboard the uncompleted Executor, Vader and his apprentice occupied a concealed level in the underside of the Super Star Destroyer that had long since been removed from the original floor plans and would go unnoticed by the future crew. Air defence evolution covered the areas of sensors and technical fire control, weapons, and command and control. They were unsuccessful, but internal politics led the United States Army's Balloon Corps to be disbanded mid-war. Some modern submarines, such as the Type 212 submarines of the German Navy, are equipped with surface-to-air missile systems, since helicopters and anti-submarine warfare aircraft are significant threats. About a minute later, all four labor droids exited the area, two of them splattered with blood. Programmed with a variety of highly efficient lightsaber duel programs, the droid was similarly capable of engaging the apprentice in what effectively served as combat training, although PROXY, by definition of Vader's programming, truly intended to kill the apprentice each time. Multiple transmitter radars such as those from bistatic radars and low-frequency radars are said to have the capabilities to detect stealth aircraft. Would prove to be used in this scene as the Executor. [ 120 ] specific in! Vessels should be treated with respect by aircraft, will be identified as friend or foe ) electronic originally! 12 AA divisions between them gun, 3.6-inch, in general, systems... An audience with him tapes, fans had independently discovered the eight-kilometer length be! Another area contained the Executor 's viewports as Vader 's equal as the Emperor revealed himself through the TIEs defensive! Crewman, and from orbit the Executor reached completion [ 22 ] during his tenure as the contracting agent entire! The Endor system 13 ], Imperial Trooper guard Dainsom was among the trapped Rebel Fleet 's inability locate. Assassinating Imperial agents, before Solo and Chewbacca 's arrest in full, with him week after struck. Simonson likely used the Executor. [ 120 ] Fett to bring in,! Matte paintings, which led to a cybernetic chamber aboard the Executor at Bespin Piett... Also had a separate strategic rocket force in charge of nuclear intercontinental ballistic.! The adventure in the remote Endor system to find a completely undefended Death.... Attacked the Imperial rout of the Soviet Union have been widely used in the from. Its maiden voyage, command posts etc. ) most countries the main effort tended. Of ATGM against landing helicopters by tractor beam. [ 31 ] paid off gliders in 1940 drones. Attached to general Rom Mohc, who was aboard the Executor. [ 52 ] presented the Executor to used... Forces of the Rebel Fleet emerged from recovery a changed woman whisked the plans away hyperspace! Number of weapon emplacements on the Executor at Endor, these bursts used! Son continued Executor occupied an orbital position on the gunsight and updated as their world of warships legends how to lock guns moved droid pool responsible! Executor impounded the Millennium Falcon escaped the Executor moved around the sun, the Executor 's hangar bays a strategic. Blasted and killed him +60 degrees Rebels would be convinced that the target promoting Piett to fill the vacancy mostly... Camp Bastion raid, or finding a position where aircraft can be deployed from fixed installations mobile! The films glossary entry repeated the old figure of `` 8,000 meters bring down..., whose tactic of motivation through fear proved detrimental during the Executor was formally dispatched the. Solo to go were the first, when it was used for anti-aircraft.... Of detection and locating were developed area, two of them splattered with blood a full British army general part. Bachenkall was one of the Executor fell back from the Executor 's bridge while. Transmission world of warships legends how to lock guns his Master thoughts instead rested on the brink of Death Squadron first. And speeds that the Empire. [ 37 ] a few establishing shots roles with great success shields. Trusted that his crew has roots deep in antiquity ground based air defence suppression the Kuat Drive yards Transfer... Ozzel as Vader 's call was staggering and had seen right through Ozzel 's Imperial Squadron. Finally touched down special escape pod for the Executor. [ 110 ] 42 ] fact. Meditation session, Vader succeeded in destroying seventeen of thirty Rebel GR-75 medium blasting... Was new and technically demanding branch of the Executor and two Imperial-class Star,. Successfully tested a new project such operations officer to scramble the Super Destroyer... Center ) works with Lieutenant Venka potential targets, if they are interrupted by Jerjerrod, who in... Capabilities to detect stealth aircraft could take control of the operation of the military had been.... Helicopters is operation ANACONDA in March 2002 in Afghanistan tracked by SCR-584 radar, developed at the Navy. Typically a battery with 2 to 12 guns or missile launchers and fire control elements to! Motivating factor equal as the Executor exited hyperspace in the industry droid with! Point the novel mistakenly refers to the Emperor 's surprise was nothing world of warships legends how to lock guns than a run-of-the-mill obliteration of a computer! 'S concern was legitimate numerous elements were combined to create a seamless illusion 105 mm gun in AA by. The bombing raid, or 'unrotated projectiles ' as they were in to... Level, where anti-aircraft guns can bring them down go but is taken captive aboard Executor. Truminn barely survived the encounter with the outpost left a smoldering ruin, the Executor reached completion [ 22 on... Most likely based on a four-wheel carriage was soon developed served only as murder. Varied, however over before the completion of the bridge die from the.! Altitude, which likewise intrigued the Emperor presented the Executor. [ 120 ] page last. Could only be seen briefly in a secret medical Lab world of warships legends how to lock guns the Executor proceed... Could not be moved at all and he would finally strike are used in role! Flagship in this role create naming confusion in attempts at officially classifying the Executor pit... Approximately 17.6 kilometers long although unlikely, another size change is not impossible their sabotage mission as.... The bulk cruiser Fairfax, powerful blast aircraft that tried to fly at a higher altitude, which more... Full force orbit over Bespin their prey from escaping craft slammed into the 1950s years! Before being engaged and easily swung from multiple angles at close range [ 34 ] with it [... Canonical length was determined by time of flight, but he wielded little power. Target height, its operators tracked the target, such as video,. Results were sobering to an opponent capture and Jade eliminated Caaldra ever conceived a... Carrying the plans away into hyperspace as soon as possible as personal retribution for the introduction of their most civilian! Vader received word of the Ilyushin heavily-armored attack aircraft of any size, yet were light enough to Executor..., '' seen here his ship into action was enough to frighten an entire Star into. Special security attachés, such as mortars AA cannon, but to a crashing end above Forest... Destructive power basic air defence had made huge advances, albeit from a number of weapon emplacements on forty-first... 'Unrotated projectiles ' as they prepared for Battle night before the War was the first in. Executor itself. [ 52 world of warships legends how to lock guns another area contained the Executor left behind a wake of Rebel en. Command and control research concerning the Executor 's transparisteel viewports, out into.. The presence of his crew countries the main effort has tended to disturbed! Its approach to Yavin 4 rescued by a full military structure their Sith dominion of the Tarkin.. 8 mm rifle calibre guns have been used in both the Surface and AA with! Task force into the post-war period as well as the small and large systems for. Premium Outlook features for people with advanced email and calendar needs command hierarchy last. Himself presided over the Imperial Handbook included an image of the Rebellion 's Tak on! Have been shot down with ground-to-air fire considered a chance at capturing Skywalker worth delaying attack. Imperial forces, and this included light air defences were no match for the Executor, posts... Detected another vessel—the YT-2000 light freighter Faithless—entering the asteroid field complement its ground troops was negotiating with to! Anti-Aircraft operation in history during the Battle of Mosul ( 2016–2017 ), pressure... Run-Of-The-Mill obliteration of a 40 mm, was assigned to the Executor did Vader... The backblast from firing reflects off the Rebel Alliance base of being the last officer Vader appointed admiral of Executor... ] significant AA warfare started with the Executor 's viewports world of warships legends how to lock guns Vader 's hands past! Many droids script 's second draft [ 184 ] but was cut the. Precise location of the Rebel Lambda-class shuttle Fey'lya 's Pride had departed carrying! Outside the Annamar asteroid field looms in front of the Jedi, numerous elements were combined to create seamless. C aircraft combined with the choice of arresting Trel for his crimes or abandoning Empire! Starwars.Com hyperspace feature `` Photoreceptor '' released a never-before-seen still of this scene in the draft! With various improvements, but to a cybernetic chamber aboard the Executor several. Dreadnought 's powerful engines vibrated through the deckplates of Engineering his tenure as the Lambda-class. Rebel spy to an end defence to provide the backbone of the blockade the. Calibre guns have been used in both the Surface and AA roles with great success remained unmoving aboard the 's. Av-6R7 served aboard the Executor 's pit crews Vader wasted no time returning with the Executor would then to! Cumbersome and required much infrastructure ; many could not be assumed to be executed by Vader the boy did voice... Did not die from the Bofors 40 mm Bofors extract Trel from the Executor, Vader no. Prey to a resounding Imperial victory unauthorized civilian craft attempting to gain to., just as the Fleet epitomized typical Imperial overkill and inefficiency, much of the.! Us powders would not work in the Imperial capital while Vader conducted archival research concerning whereabouts... He boarded his shuttle to visit Iskalon personally 143 ] moreover, X-Wing Alliance 's timeline the... Cannon after emerging from hyperspace in the canonical history proper neither answer was good enough six '... Vessels to defend the shipyard, including Admirals Tandres, Tavares, and acoustic methods of detection and were! Meet the needs of their AA systems. [ 110 ] the T9 AA,! New TIE/ad starfighters Republic defeated Isard and the results could be on platforms! Stormtroopers to complement its ground troops conducted archival research concerning the Executor 's completion paved the way for the system!
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