What does this mean? It isn’t just 350, it is an extra controller, not to mention buying all the games again, regardless if they offer you a bundle pack. I’ve checked every other possible cause.. only thing left is an issue with server itself. way to go, Getting the error code abcdrf-hijk-n—-uvwxyz.. restarted everything to do with my internet.. this games a waste of money thank god i didn’t buy it #gameshare #xboxlivesuck #waste of money, Just bought the game and can’t even play multiplayer. When I restarted the game..boom..it updated to right away. Outrageous. Anyone else getting a bo3 error code on 25 aug? Complete BS. I’m having the exact same problem man for the past 3 days smh, getting the a.b.c.d… error, tried the usual fix (waiting for the numbers to corner of title screen to change but still doesn’t work. Was able to log on fine earlier but after logged off and came back, now only receive abc error. Keep getting connection interrupted message while you laying multiplayer. nothing to do with sony blame activisions server hosting choice.. It’s really easy for me to find a match on xbox one and i almost never lag out. And if I do my ping is one bar. Strange for game to be offline on a weekend, hopefully it won’t last long. 5. when you go to launch bo3 this time it should ask if you wish to enter safe mode, click yes. In Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War you play as agent “Bell”. In Iowa. 0734 in England….my ops3 been checking for files for 15 minutes….Activision you choose the strangest times to mess around with servers…, I CANT GET ONLINE RN MY FRIENDS ARE WAITING FIX IT PLZ, I am having an issue with Black Ops 3 as well. When will this be fixed, Having problems with the psn network as well communication with PlayStation network servers has been interrupted ugh its annoying, Been experiencing issues since yesterday. Having Issue signing on. My internet provider knows my name by heart now because I initially thought it was them. Error Code. Oh well!! Having the same issues just started!! Not happy with save being off my device. If it shows all 0’s like that you will not connect to the network. At 52. Also there is like 93% online players. I uninstalled and reinstalled, and it still doesn’t work. I reset router enternet made sure nothing was downloaded and still get screwed I’m debating selling the game. Tried restarting the game, PS4, NFS and RL still play fine. NAT is open. It wont let me connect to local game. Error Code:A.B.-.-.-.F.G.-.-.-.-.- etc, Servers are back up now… but nobody is playing. Same problem, I can play online, but not with a specific friend. Let’s head over to the main article and get this fixed. Whenever me or my cousin try to join each others game in call of duty black ops 3 zombies, it says ,”There are too much players in your party to join session in progress”. It’ll get up to about 21% and then starts over again, and it’s been doing this for about 4 hours now. Kind of a bummer right after paying a lot of money for dlc and game itself. I’m tired of this and poor service, Try Primary DNS & Secondary DNS, I can’t join B03. -h. I.j. Xbox 1 digital deluxe edition, Please help me im worried i wasted 106$ it says your a bit to early but noone else has this problem:(, I know it sucks but I think we’re just going to have to sit tight until they fix the bugs and servers :/, It says im to early i bought the digital deluxe card from gamestop downloaded it for xbox 1 and it says im to early yet everyone elses is working. Tried switching from ethernet to wireless. Please get back up and running asap – just had an operation and bores stiffless at home!! Last 2 days have been other guys but lagging and rubberbanding. After every Steam update, the game resets to version and refuses to connect to online service. Been like it for 4 days now. Finally was able to get it yesterday but it won’t connect to the server. I’ve managed to get back on. FIX THE CONNECTION ISSUES PRIORITY NUMERO UNO!! Tried everything but my BO3 will not update from version 33.0. Anyone else can’t play right now? Frustrated like many others. Dec 24th servers are up and down like a yo yo, Kcked out saying lost connection, laggy poor connection and not swopping to a better host in game. Call of Duty: Black Ops III on PlayStation 4 (Feb 15, 2020) Looking for someone who can help with account duplication. Having the same issue as of around 2pm, eastern time (-5:00). SERVICES ARE OFFLINE. I’ve got problems too, cannot get connect to server and it gives ABC.-.F.-.-.-.-.-.-. Since I first tried multiplayer every game I get into I get the connection interrupted message and rubberband about 3-4 seconds back. Cant connect to online services. Instead of spending money on the DLCs they need to update the servers. I can connect to the servers but when I go into a game, it loads 3/4 and then loads and then goes to a black screen and days I have been disconnected from the servers, my native type is open and boy did I have a hard time doing that. What is modem, all I’very learnt in computer science is cooking on stuff like Python and Visual Basic. March 8, 2017 E.. F server problem It Seems That, every Since the COD WW2 Release, BO3 Disconnects Have Sky-Rocketed. @treyarch. It then promptes me to play local. Nothing else on network. …. So I figured I'd update my Xbox one at a friends house, as I've heard that helps. Long obnoxious loading screens for an HD shot of a campfire?!?! I can’t tell if the servers are having issues in my area or genuinely no one plays the game anymore, Keep getting migrating host 1 min in and then everyone drops. Yea I’m sure they have some MIT drop out or some Indian working on it right now, but why does it get this bad in the first place. Why is a Activision game working like this ? y en el error me sale ABCDEFGHIJK…..N….Q..S…UVWX.Z.. Cant play online, iT says not conectted to Call of duty servers. Tried few headsets not working... anyone? Once that happens you will not go into the game with him but on your bottom right you will see Nat type open or moderate and you may get the ABC error again. hope i helped you! It says searching for games (0 matches) then goes to (50 matches) and then tha same thing again. So please just wait im sure in another 2-3 months black ops 3 will be the game we all hope it to be and will love like black op 1 and 2 just think about when those games first came out they werent perfect so just give it time please! Having the same issue here… tried restarting the system multiple times, reconnected to the internet, nothing has worked. Try launching the game to confirm if the problem has been solved. It won’t put me in a group. between waiting on the servers to let me online and searching google for how come there is all these ridiculous lag issues im experiencing on a 17ms ping connection to the closest dedicated server i’ve spent more time doing that than actually enjoying this game.Also snipers are completely ruined for absolutely everybody not just quick scopers and aggressive snipers but then if you swap to your side pistol you will outgun all other classes easily. Here spend $60 to not be able to play thanks a lot. Cannot enter a game, analysing games then nothing happens. Playing 2 player split screen. Haha. I could always play on line but since the 21st. Since then I cannot play online. So I try it and it works. so check you’re firewall on windows and you’re antivirus program. Why am I getting stuck in the lobby I keep closing out and going back in but it still won’t load into the map. Other games there is a lot of dropping out for no reason, along with trying to find a new host and failing. On January 29th I can’t join friends online because it says I have too many players in my party when it’s only just me in the party. A simple reset of the PS4 resolved the issue. Oregon USA , tried all tricks on activision and treyarch websites. Call of Duty: Black Ops III is a military science fiction first-person shooter video game, developed by Treyarch and published by Activision. I play on xbox1. This is how Activision makes people buy the newer titles. i cant connect online its saying A. Its so damn annoying. A.-.-.D.E.F.G.H.I.J.K-.-.N.-.-.Q.-.S.T.U. How could they not have prepared and released a game that crashed on its launch day? I went to the black market to redeem my 10 rare supply drops and bribe that ensures one dlc weapon and words pop up that say “Your rewards are being processed. Done following steps: Just before I lost connection, all of my new weapons were grayed out and I could not select them. So what is the problem here and how will it be made right??? I’m a girl and I didn’t stop till I figured it out so pay attention. I pay for access to play online and servers say I can’t? Same problem on my PS4. Every time I play multiplayer it keeps saying connection interrupted every 15 seconds. Hi. I forgot to specify…. got kicked from party about 2hours ago. Every other game works fine…. Does anyone have a solution to this problem. hey mate i am also having this same issue, any luck? I’m having a repeated issue with the bo3 server while playing zombies. I am unable to join my friends lobby, Or he mine. 2 weeks later and still having issues finding matches, we have to pay to play online, yet you can’t play, they should be giving refunds! Why? Why? I have the same error for 3 days now.How did you fix it? Pre paid, took two days to install and all I get is worried abde etc etc.. Not even played it yet! Activision and konami dead to me! This is really really frustrating. The Xbox One Beta is currently undersgoing server maintenance as of 12 PM GMT, those who are experiencing a problem should check back in about an hour. Very poor QA for this product. They really need to get things tightned up there is still way too many inconsistancys with the guns amoung other things. Been sitting at for over 15 minutes and can’t get online. Zombies keeps quitting on me just bought chronicles and the connection is a joke. Played with my roomy all night till about 2 in the am on 2/13/2016. x.y.z. no solution found. I just got Black Ops 3 today hoping that I could finally play online after the long download and spending $130 on the game and playstation plus an now it says the server is not available at this time smh. WHY MAN. Please try again later. I just want to play a match without discconecting it says my internet is fine, my xbox one says my internet is fine. Thats right, NEGATIVE SEVEN PERCENT! Abc error, gotten onto activision help which have not admired anything yet. I remembered I was on wifi, so switched to LAN line. Very frustrating, The Problems are that Treyarch needs to bring an update and some server fixes and that too many people have come back from WW2 and the server capability is overrun. Joining people in partys you need to go to there profile and join them that way. This is frustrating and needs to get fixed urgently. constant disconnecting from black ops 3 servers level 1000 thanks for rewarding my hard work with constant disconnection treyarch. with 1Gig hard wired, bandwidth 4000+ avg and PS4 is the only item used/connected to router/modem while playing. Help needed! that sucks.. :/ havent played for a week and now this shit.. Let me come over and leave a cummie in your eye to make it all better. Still has the on the creen. I literally rebought the game recently to play zombies exclusively with friends I got to play for like 4 hours left came back and it’s been stuck on this for two days. Close the Process Explorer and check to see if the game runs fine. So basically I just spent 40 dollars to polish a turd. WTF! I have been doing that for 6 days now, still has not worked. Yeah Call of duty what hell ! Please help this bored girl play some BO3! On ps3 cant connect to call of duty black ops servers at all, i can only play lan, my friend that has a ps3 in the same room and on the same internet has no issues whatsoever??????????????? And BTW, better make it up. Considering the game became available alongside the next … i try to play online but it keeps saying “cannot connect to cod bo3 online servers. Is there just nobody on black ops 3 anymore? On the official Best Buy forums you can find the answer that players should receive the code via email, but, it can take up to 72 hours from when you placed your pre-order to receive the code. There were some problems trying to find games, even if you have open NAT. These are the worst servers I’ve ever played on across the entire COD platform. Once you’ve done that, Unplug the cord in the back of your Xbox. Can connect, join a server and then get punted for secure server failures (pc – NO changes made). Once again can’t get online today and it keeps doing it…. It’s ridiculous and activision or trey arch or whoever needs to fix this stupid problem before they lose a whole lot of customers and money. We have multiple ps4s and ONE of the systems is doing this and it’s on all the cod games. ps4 -loAny idea when we can get back on same thing is happening to me same error code call of duty black ops 3 its geting annoying. I’m getting really wound up i can’t play a game i’ve payed a lot of money for! :/. Keeps saying “connection interrupted” during games on Xbox One. ABC error. Yes same here won’t let me go onto servers. Whenever I press play from steam, steam says "Preparing to Launch Call of Duty: Black Ops 3", but nothing happens. Same here. -downloaded and applied update. Constant “CONNECTION INTERRUPTED”. Black Ops 3 Error Code: A.B.-.D.E.F.G.H.I.J.K.-.-.N.-.-.Q.-.S.-.U.V.W.X.Y.Z.a. Network.advanced settings.alternate MAC address.then hit clear. Says I’m not connected to Xbox live when I really am. Last couple weeks been sketchy. There won’t be excpecting the server opened in 2-4 hours. That isn’t working this time. It tells me error code…A.B…..F.G….. Yep I get the same error message. tdm and all others work fine its just gun game for me. About 10 min ago I was just in a lobby doing quite well when I was sent straight back to the opening screen with another message saying you have been disconnected from bo3 servers. Before The ‘Elite Strike Force,’ Rudy Giuliani Did Some Black Ops Work First Major Biglaw Firm Matches The 2020 Cravath Bonus Scale The Or-Ackman Of … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8HD_xPl9RVo abc error hope this fixes the problems :c and i still can not play, the options are grayed out :c kill me pls, I DID NOT BUY THIS GAME TO NOT BE ABLE TO PLAY IT!!!!! It won’t let me join online or zombies or let my friends join me on campaign. This happens on all attempts. Does anyone have a resolution. I found that the times when I couldn’t get a match in any lobby, I had backed out of the game while i was still in the multiplayer lobby(started watching netflix without completely backing out of the multiplayer lobby). Network Version: ‘m in Italy but… help pls. I’mhaving troubles connecting to my friends pparty’sit always says the lobby is not jjoin able and my friends are all having thesame issue … would like to know if i can fix it myself or not. Same problem all day today, cannot connect from Phoenix…. you are looking at 500+, I have xbox 360 and i cant play zombies online since i bought it i cant do nothing at all it drops multi players and when i try zombies it wont find a match then it freezes my game so i cant play a game i payed 60 dollars for and if thats not what grinds my gears i cant get help from no type of help from anyone from Microsoft what a reap off, I’ve been having connection interruption pop up in my screen. A few hours ago, I completed the special black market contract on my play station 4 (Win 75 games). What’s up with it? just had to ask if 150 megabites is enough to play a game on internet otherwise i get the abc code or internet connection when i am playing the game anyone else know whats going on. this on ps4 and tried restarting and turning of completely but still doing same! I feel like I just threw $100 down the toilet. I can’t connect to server either you are not alone been trying for an hour! Ok after you do all that, turn your modem on. Cannot connect and when I could all my CP were deleted. Tried restarting ps4. still having problems with servers, Dam you BO3 sort it !!! I have been with this franchise since day one and I am loosing faith in their ability to deliver great gaming as they did in the beginning. Been fine for last few days woke up this morning on my midweek day of looking forward to a cod day and getting this message A.B.C.-.-.F.G.H.I.J.K.-.-.N.-.-.Q.-.S.-.U.-.W.X.Y.-.a. Hi again! Paid 70$ for bullshit. hi, over the last few days i keep getting “lost connection to host” error in the middle of a match…..cant play anymore always have to restart game…..Everything worked fine up till 5 days ago…..please find a solution i just want to play! And it won’t put me in an online game on zombies? Hasn’t done this since Friday…. Activation has no people you can talk to on the phone which is very annoying! You guys are nothing but thieves. *read desc* how to duplicate black ops 3 accounts for ps4 only (working 2020)*solo* - duration: 9:42 ... how to get the into the void camo in black ops 3! the servers may be undergoing maintenance, or you may be experiencing a network interruption. Error is: I was forced to be productive and do work…Boooooooo. It wont even let me download it. Why am I having these problems? Activision sucks. Give my fucking money back! Sell the game, Everytime i get to like round 10 or 28 it will start lagging and saying trying to connect to host, Mine shows the guy on the screen on zombies is fuzzy and the game won’t load. I WILL NEVER BUY YOUR GAMES EVER AGAIN! Its said downloading and checking files. Stuck with 0-50 matches, will not connect on PC. thank you so much!! IF SO ANY SUGGESTIONS OF HOW IT CAN BE FIXED. Some gamers are experiencing BO3 server problems with PS4 version today, September 19. Ridiculous!!! Some CoD players and Battlefield 3 too with NVIDIA graphics card have experienced sporadic crashes while playing Call of Duty: Black Ops II. For the past few hours, I have not been able to connect to the BO3 cod server with an abc…error message. I have the ABCDEFGHIJK.-.-.N.-.-.Q.-.S.-.UVWX.-.Z error code. This game is infected with cheaters and glitches. It’s Friday Feb. 19 and I have A.B.-.-.-F.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-. What gives? you spend this much money and can’t even get online. If it is maintenance then it should take between 1 and 3hours. It’s a shame that it is now 2017 we have seen infinite warfare and now another COD game is going to be released in November 2017 and we still have the same problems with Black ops 3 since its release! Ps. Treyarch needs to fix their crap servers instead of wasting time putting useless things in Supply Drops. Can’t connect to lab between my 2 boxes or public games…, Can’t play online says can not connect to server, Issues with lagging not my Internet connection. Fix this please, Error code a.-.-.-.f.g.h.i.j.k.-.-.n.o.p.q.-.s.t.u.-.w.-.-.z. Getting an error code which looks wrong but it reads. Same thing is happening to same message got the abc error code I rested my router and ps4 and still giving me the same error code, cannot connect to bo3 online multiplayer (belgium), Acb error code version won’t let me play. NAT types are both moderate. so i sold it, now i bought this game and i cant even connect to the server! If you use Steam, you should try re-verifying the game cache. Can’t find a team death match lobby at all, Im constantly put in a server alone and have to wait 20 to 30 minutes to have people join. Keep getting the same server error as everyone else on Aug 20, A.B.-.D.E.F.G.. Has support provided a statement on these issues and why they happened? Open NAT, connected wirelessly with no problems on any other games, takes forever to find a lobby and then when I finally do load in, the lobby just sits full of players and goes nowhere. What is this bullshit. The entire map vote section is gone, Mine is up but when searching for game is says “searching for games (50 matches) then (0 matches) then back to 50 etc. Well at least now the server status is defcon 1 so it seems they at least know something is wrong. If I manage to enter a game, it loses the server. Fix your product!!!! game running fine. Yep constant connection interrupted in game and kicked as a result almost every game totally unplayable, starting to regret buyin the season pass . Does anyone know how to fix this problem my fiancé is having same problem. But all my other games work perfectly. Put ya Nat type to moderate stops you being the host, worked for me very little lag. After that i decided to give online a go and “Connecting to online services.” yep no problem in my mind. Thank you for reading this. Server down in Alabama too on my xbox one. when i attempt to play its freezing and then it says lost connection to host!!! I closed app and restarted it and I connected immediately. All of my other games work fine on multiplayer except this one. I am trying to access the Black Ops 3 beta on PS4 and currently find it not working, has the beta come to an end on PlayStation? Sometimes on top of right corner there is . Could it be my NAT TYPE or are servers down? I can’t join my friends lobby it keeps saying “Failed to join lobby” and we play together all the time but after this update we haven’t been able to play, My bo3 is givein me A.B.C-.-.-F.G-.-.-.-.-.- anyone no how to fix this. This is ridiculous. Tried everything I read on the net. There are tons of additional fixes for BlackOps to get the game running again. Was playing then kicked and now nothing, been trying to get online for a while now, it says i am offline but i’m online on steam don’t have a clue whats going on can they maybe update this problem. Still been a nightmare today with Bo3 on Xbox One, Aug 29. Still having issues Nov. 21 evening. I’m having an issue of not being able to find a match it will say searching for games then checking quality of games then nothing I’ll have to constantly back out of the lobby and re enter u till I find a group before it used to be pick a mode boom full lobby now bo3 seems like a ghost town can find a zombie match no problem but practically dead otherwise also I checked and my NAT TYPE is open. Server down here in Romania. We apologize for any inconvenience. worked fine yesterday and no patch or update that im aware of. I´m having problems with my ps4. Yes u r correct!! Yeah, I’ve noticed that Black Ops 3 have been having a lot of issues. I’m on a Ethernet cable internet connection that is saying that I’m connected and should have no problems. Anyone else having issues? I also have been trying to connect Black Ops 3 on XBox one. All get the abc…….error. FIRE PEOPLE AND HIRE PEOPLE WHO KNOW WHAT THE HELL THEY ARE DOING. H1Z1 and GTAV happens. It went find a game. Plugin the power after 5 minutes and turn on the console. ABC Error keeps coming when trying to connect to servers. Now Try To Run the Game Xbox 360 users will need 8 GB of space for download and installation. On PS4 getting not connected to call of duty servers? WTF IS UP WITH THAT . You will know if an update was installed if the version number in the upper right hand corner changes. Servers are down on PS4, no scheduled maintenance? Wait in the main Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 title screen. Issue with logging in on ps4 . Can’t connect to PS4 Black Ops beta now for 4 days this is ridiculous. I wanna cry I did it but I still cannot connect to the servers , OMG!! FRUSTRATIONS. I have tried turning of my router and turning it back on, ive tried a hard reset, ive tried dc my internet and then reconnecting it, ive tried checking for the latest updates, ive search google and youtube and its still not fixed. The same things happens to me i try to find a match on deathmatch and it says: “searching a game 0/50” ex…. Error code: A,-,-,D.E.F.G.H.I.J.K-.-.N-.-.Q.-.S.T.U.V.W.-.-.Z. Tried everything, open NAT, reinstalling the game several times…nope. PC. I have 4 bars AT ALL TIMES. Is Black Ops 3 down for server maintenance, or having problems on Wednesday December 2, 2020? This is definitely going on I was on xbox one with 3 friends we all went down at the same time tried to get back on servers appear to be down. Anyone else getting Error Code A-.-.-.-.F.-H.I.J.K.-.-.N.-.-.Q.-.U.-.W.-.-.Z.???? We play on Xbox one. Found that it helps to back out of lobby and search for a match again. Everytime i try to connect to BO3. I can do with out the super HD loading screens for a game that works. Site says it should change in minutes tops. Just got kicked. I just waited until it did its thing. Haven’t been able to play online at all. while connecting to online service on pc it shows “cannot connect to online services. Then boom ill be bk just came no for me, Plzz fix i am 5 min out school and this thing happens , Server is not available at this time Error code: A.B.C.-.-.F.G.-.-.-.-.-.-. At 1:33pmMST on Feb 3rd Just got Black Ops 3 for PC and getting a stupid A..b..d.. connection error. Click restart. Open the Download location of the application and launch it. Same stuff on xbox one. when I made an exception for the firewall, the problem was gone. Very annoying. WTF COD Get ur shit together!!! Same here, spend 70€ and I bought this game 5 days ago and I still can’t play multiplayer. Installed the first try. Lag issues continúes evento post october patch. It was working well with my 2ND router from xfinity that connect to the main xfinity router. It never fluctuates. Anyone else? They will go bankrupt without you. COD BO3 on XBONE cannot find match for last week or so. Djaran. Getting the ABC error message of death too. Bops 3 super laggy last 3 day’s no fun not the normal worse. Have stupid ABC error code! Turned internet on and off and ps4 on and off multiple times. See Also. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i5Km8hgxOj4, Too many stupid online service downloading, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8HD_xPl9RVo, https://www.callofduty.com/ca/en/blackops3/status. Also, COD Ghosts seemed real glitchy on all maps online last night + BO3 Zombies was real glitchy. So it could be my modem. Only by myself. Wasted my money, thanks Treyarch. B. C…. I did have luck with one thing after a while though.
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